Thursday, December 13, 2001

The Christmas lights went on quite early this year....the end of November to be precise! The Annual Coors Light Zanzibar extravaganza rolled into town on Thursday. Last year we had songstress Sinead O'Connor. This year Kerry Katona. She who used to be in Atomic Kitten. Just goes to show you can be a has been, marry a boy bander and still be in demand to switch on lights! there's hope for us all yet!!

All those twinkles were giving me a headache so I grabbed my doll Sharon, and headed on to The Tomato Club for a vodka club night. The tunes were pumping and I was reluctant to leave, but onward to Bar West in Blanchardstown. Now, normally I wouldn't make such a long trip, but I'd called ahead and it seemed to be the place! It was OK.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Hello sunbeams!
Well a few things happening since we last had the pleasure. Brown Thomas hosted a Dolce e Gabbana fashion show in store on Wednesday 14th, among those present were Brian McFadden of Westlife and his fiance Kerry Katona (former Atomic Kitten), Robert O'Byrne and Dr. Alison O'Reilly.

Later that evening was the first WHO magazine Christmas party. This year it was in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul, and the format was 'bring a present'. (would have picked a worthy charity personally, but hey). Squashed into Lillies on the evening were the ubiquitous Jason O'Callaghan, WHO's editor Lisa Gaughran, TV people Brendan Courtney and Teresa Smith, novelist Eamon Delaney and PR Sinead Ryan.

Bringing you up to speed to this week then, with Tuesday evening being the highlight of the society week. The venue: The Mueseum of Modern Art in Kilmainham The event: The Mulberry Fashion Show, organised by Norma Smurfit. A veritable who's who of 'a-list fashionistas' (the press release words, not ours!). Spotted mingling around the champagne reception were Jackie Rafter, Koo Donnelly, Gavin L-M, hairstylist Dylan Bradshaw and his model brother Lee (who seemed to be hanging around the door - security for the night maybe?). On to the show and Brendan Courtney provided the entertainment as MC for the evening. Front row were Mulberry founder Roger Saul, Norma Smurfit, TV3's Lorraine Keane and Ian Galvin and Miriam Ahern. While the actual models looked a bit on the thin and slouchy side, the guest models made up for them. They included Victoria Smurfit, comedian Des Bishop, Mr. Ireland Padraic Hearns and film director Jim Sheridan.

Retiring to the restaurant, where lovely food prepared by Jonny Cooke was consumed, and the gossip surely flowed. Among the throng were Louis Copeland, Julian Fallon of 1st Option, Richard Liu, Vanessa Lunt and my dates for the evening, the gorgeous Morahan sisters, Caroline and Olivia. A stylish soiree indeed.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Following on from the last post we had the Moulin Rouge themed party in Lillies on Wednesday last. The girls looked amazing in their costumes with fish nets, feather boas and frilly can can dresses in abundance. Those of note were Tara O'Connor, Caroline Morahan, Karla Elliott and Olivia McCashin.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

It was a generally quiet week, starting on Thursday with, what I call, ‘a meeting of friends’ night. The early bird was down to the Clarance for cocktails with the legal fraternity, before heading off to the 98fm party in Club Anabel. Leaving shortly after, I made my way down to the Isacc Butt (where? – it’s a cavernous be-tiled pub beside the IFSC). My dear friend Siobhan Flood was off on her travels to Australia and so in fine 235 style we gave her a memorable send off. On then to Fireworks for some late night drinks with the Devlin Emma, Siobhan’s bro Eamonn and the Floody woman herself.

Needless to say I was in no fit state the next day. Fortunately I didn’t have to get out and about till the evening time when I was meeting Aisling Naughton for dinner. Excited Aisling has just landed a new job and so she was on a champagne fuelled rampage – I had to join in you understand! Anyway I’ll spare you the details – lest to say rampage we did!

Seeking solace in the country for Saturday night, I was quite refreshed come the Sabbath. Unfortunatly I was unable to make it to the races but am sure the day was a resounding success – especially that part organised by Tara O’Connor and Koo Donnolly of Intrepid.

Off to the National Concert Hall for a production of The Nutcracker by Ballet Ireland. It’s a shame that it was only on for a two performance run, as I’m sure many people would have loved to see it. Rounding off the night in the Bordello of Lilly with Deborah Allen, who everyone thought was my new girlfriend!
You give the crowd a new face and the gossip goes into overdrive!

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The weekend got off to a rip roaring start with a (very) long (mostly liquid) lunch in Bang. Present and correct were most of the Horse Show Ball Committee members - for the lunch was in honour of us. Among those knocking back the Senera were the fantastic Jane Devitt (outgoing chairperson), Sarah Kavanagh, JO'C, the delightful Koo Donnelly of Intrepid and Joan Connolly (incoming chairperson - congrats). Leaving some five and half hours later, those of us left standing retired to The Shelbourne, where I had a few with Mike Glynn, chief exec of Brainwave.

12 finally become 2 and Business Post journo Aileen Power and I sauntered down Kildare Street to Buswells for a nightcap. We had intended to make it out to bigger and better things but were in no state to do so.

Saturday night saw a much anticipated party on the Dublin social scene. My third annual outing to this event - this year in association with Bacardi (as opposed to Bubble Brothers champagne - is this the recession?). Any it was the 26th birthday of that IT Boy, Gavin Lambe - Murphy. Originally the venue was to be Blue Eriu, that bastion of hip on South William Street. However Blue Eriu has been sold to make up chain Space NK, and 6 staff members were made redundant. The new store will be taking on the name of New Blue Eriu. I hope that wasn't a secret!

So anyway, after all that digression, Gav's party was relocated to Nude on Suffolk Street. Indeed one well known attendee had expressed concern to me by confiding that she 'was not looking forward to attending a prty in a sandwich bar'. Indeed! Arriving a bit too late, and only having Bacardi and water (!) to drink - I didn't stay too long. Mingling around Nude (shall we call them nudists?) were Kate Conkey, Suzanne Devaney, Judith Giltenan, fav-tv-gal-about-town Caroline Morahan, Dara Conlon and Gill Pearson. Within the boys team were Stuart Musgrave, model Lee Bradshaw, little monkey Gareth Gunnigle and oldie David Doane.

On to Spy for a quickie with the likes of Jim Corr (back with sister-lookalike Andrea Roche) and Tony Fenton in the backround. The evening was rounded off nicely in Lillies.
As you can imagine Sunday was not a very productive day and the highlight was dinner with my friend Debs.

Last night saw the premiere of On the Nose, the latest from the stock of Irish movies. As I'd seen it already on a couple of weeks ago, i decided to join the posee in the Guinness Storehouse for the after party. My head is a little fuzzy still so I'll get back to you on who was who at a later stage.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

You'd think PR people would communicate with each other and not hold their parties on the same night. I was dashing around Dublin in the rain like a maniac trying to keep up with the events of last night. Luckily a driver was always on hand (yeh, I blagged a lift wherever I could!).

Running late, as usual, I just about made it to the premiere of Legally Blonde, the new Reece Witherspoon offering. Review coming soon to a ShowBizIreland near you. En route to Renards for the premiere afterparty, I popped into the Morrison for the launch of the newest magazine to grace Irish newsagents - Gi - or Gay Ireland. A new venture by John Ryan of VIP fame, and Melanie Morris of d'Side, I'm sure it will do well in capturing the 'pink pound'. Among the attendees quaffing champers were Samantha Mumba, Julian Benson and my companion for the evening (everyone's fav TV-gal-about-town) Caroline Morahan.

Back on track and to the pink and fluffy Legally Blonde party which consisted of yummy food (not bloody sushi for a change), cosmopolitans and manicures for the girlz. Spotted in the throng were Sonia Macari, Anna Lavery, TV3's funny weatherman Martin King and Olivia Morahan of WHO (Caroline's big sis). Poor Olivia fractured her wrist a few days ago and was putting on a good show.

Final leg of the night was to Lillies where there was a members evening, themed 'magic'. We were treated to the amazing talents and trick of Jean Michel Jaares son, Marcel, who is a wonderful magician. The Jameson cocktails flowed (didn't know you could make cocktails out of Jemmie!). Those enjoying were singer Namee Coleman, Gavin Lambe-Murphy, Dara Conlon and actor Gabriel Byrne, among others.

As the rain poured down, Caroline and I did our own disappearing act and vanished into the night. More shenanigans this weekend for sure - hope you have too - see you on Monday.

Monday, October 08, 2001

Last week was indeed a busy one. It's Monday, the start of a new one - and I'm feeling quite hungover. Despite the fact that it is 6 in the evening. Think I'll take it easy for a while.
So I was in Wagamama with my good friend Debs* on Monday and a few nice drinks in The Shelbourne after. I love eating healthy food, ala Wagamama. Makes me feel all good and healthy - even though I'm not!
Tuesday saw me at the advanced screening of American Pie 2 in UGC. Among the movie goers were the devine Suzanne Devaney (who had a wee fall earlier that day and was putting on a brave face), Anna Lavery from Disney and a smattering of girls from the fashion and beauty industry including Cathriona from Blue Eriu and Dannielle from Stila. On to the Morrison after.

More movies on Wednesday when I attended the Buena Vista International day with my movie buddy Olivia Morahan (Caroline's big sister). Saw the Princess Diaries, On the Nose and The Others. Off to Gravity at the Guinness Storehouse for delish canapes and lush champagne. (Incidently Gravity has got to be Dublin's most amazing drinking establishment - the best view of the city). And as if that wasn't enough we went on to The Sugar Club for more. Poor Olivia was worse for the wear by the time we left - luckily I was off the next day! Excellent day and night thanks to those luvvies at BVI. On Thursday we saw Serendipity with Cate Blanchett and John Cusack. Surely a Christmas hit. BTW, The Others with Nicole Kidman is not very good.

Later that evening I was in SamSara for the launch of Riley Advertising in Ireland. Patrick Ryan will no doubt do a sterling job. Among the crowd were Daniela Crawlwy of Heineken and Gareth Gunnigle of 98fm. Which reminds me, I must call my good friend Paraic Gallagher in Lite FM to see how he is getting on in his new role as chief news reporter for Dublin.

Went to Lillies on Friday night and to Cavan on Saturday. Consolation to Bernardine Galligan on the recent split of her long relationship with Gary Dunne.

And so last night was one of many going away parties for Padraig Burke who is leaving us next week to join BBC as a producer in Belfast. Paudie, PR to the masses Audra Dutton and I were rightly blotto. Wonder how they are today?

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

No entries in over 3 weeks....I do apologise! I have been away on holiday for a while and....well no other excuse really.

I'll not prattle on about every social gathering that happened over the absent period, but will note a few. The Spider Awards on the 6th were b-o-r-i-n-g. The Irish Champion Stakes in Leopardstown were excellent as always - especially because I was accompanying the wonderful Ms. Wendy Monks. Then of course there were the Cinema Days in UCI Blanchardstown. This is an event for media / industry people to view new releases and 8 films were shown in the two days. With plenty of partying on the two nights as well! Watch out for Legally Blonde and America's Sweethearts. (Although if you are in the US you'll have seen them ages ago).

The 17th saw the launch of the Murphy's Cork Film Festival in Dakota. Later that evening we saw the opening of the most recent adition of the Little Caeser restaurant family. This was not your usual wine and canape reception but rather a 3 course meal and comp drinks for all. Done with Italian style boys!

Nothing else to report. As you were.

Monday, September 03, 2001

It was a busy week indeed, with plenty of fashion high jinx. Tuesday saw the fashionistas Marcari Brennan display their latest designs in City Hall. A resounding success with plenty of cocktails and scrumptious food by none other than Conrad Gallagher. Have not heard of that celebrity chef in a while, I hear you say. Conrad has been very busy with his new London restaurant, called Conrad Gallagher. Another resounding success by all accounts.

Thursday was a hectic day on the social scene. First port of call was the Mansion House for the annual Wella Design Centre Fashion Show. Everyone and anyone was there, in particular, Limerick's Celia Holman-Lee, Miriam Ahern, Yvonne Keating, the devine Laura Bailey, PR Tara O'Connor and the nations fav TV-gal-about-town, Caroline Morahan. Us blokes were represented by Mr. Ireland Padraig Hearns, Jason O'Callaghan, Julian Benson, Gav Lambe - Murphy and Cormac Keane among others. Luckily I had seen the Macari Brennan collection on Tuesday evening, as I had to rush off before the show ended. Thankfully I was going just down the road to the Screen cinema for the Gala Premiere of The Most Fertile Man in Ireland. A most humourous film set in Belfast, starring Kris Marshall and James 'I am everywhere' Nesbitt. On then to Renards for the post champagne & red bull party (party organisers take note: don't mix champagne). On then to rejoin the fashionistas in Lillies till the early hours.

Friday saw Michael Wright launch his new seafood range out in The Anglers Rest in Howth. Goes to show that socialites will travel out of D2 if the canapes are worth it! Spotted at the party were Etain Boyd & Jason O'C of WHO magazine - the new celebrity couple?, Elaine Roddy, Simon Stokes and Conach Breslin. Back to town and called into Samsara (where the Fair City crew were having a get together) and Cocoon before retiring to Lillies for the remainder of the evening. And I must stifle those rumours that Karla Elliott and Ray Senior are back together - sadly not, but they remain good friends.

I did not manage to make it to Slane as once was enough for me and instead ventured to Cavan for Captains Day at Cavan Golf Club. Certainly gives Lillies a run for it's money - still drinking and dancing at 4am!

Monday, August 27, 2001

Friday night was business as usual and I didn't get to leave Lillies till nearly 6am. I had intended to venture to Slane Castle early on Saturday but didn't leave Dublin till about 4pm. Missed all the support acts and was involved in the photographer scrum when U2 finally came on stage at 8.30.

Wandering the VIP area were Samantha Mumba, Eddie Irvine, Mo Mowlam, Bertie Ahern and Woody Harelson among others. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

It was very strange to see Lillies in daylight - as if I got locked in and left behind. But if that happened I'd help myself to the bar, natch.
Anyway, down to Lillies last evening for the launch of The Mad Hatter, a new hat/accessorie venture by Nessa Cronin, located on St. Stephens Street. The girlies were out in force and included Nicola Hayes, Nadine Wai-O'Flynn, Sarah Kavanagh, Etain Boyd and my fav TV gal, Caroline Morahan. A few boys were there too, so I didn't feel too out of place with Jason O'Callaghan, Richard Lue and Stephen Byrne. As night fell I felt more at home as Paul Harrington tinkled the ivories and the delish wine set in.

And on the subject of wine, thank you to Gilbeys. I received your lovely pressie this morning!

Monday, August 20, 2001

Charidee work is very time consuming - but well worth the effort.
The Horse Show Ball was a resounding success. Shared my table with the wonderful TV gal-about-town, Caroline Morohan, her boyf Jordan Lee, friends Gel, Conall and Caolin. Also seated with us were Letty Fernandez, model Ruth Doyle and her friend Paula Mythen of Electric News.
Down to Anabels for a short while and on to the usual, Lillies.

As all of that was well over a week ago I can't remember what I've been up to since. I'll bring you up to last Thursday and the departure of Sarah Reid. Sarah is a cousin of Dannielle McKee and is heading back to her native San Fran. Drinks in Cocoon and more in Lillies ensured a good send off. Bon voyage Sarah.

Friday night was again spent in the Bordello. But not before a visit to the Portobello for the 21st birthday bash of ex-235 resident, Claire Halton. All the possee was out in force to help The Asp celebrate this lifetime landmark. Looking every inch the party girl in a black and white low cut number, Claire was in top form. Other revellers included Itchy & Scratchy (aka Elaine and Emma D), celebrity chefs Cathriona Maguire and Jerome Peray, Siobhan Flood and a rare appearance by Sinead McIntyre. Many others, too numerous to mention also graced the Porto nightclub, Kostellos. The new Lillies? Anyway, back in the V VIP bar of said establishment, Brian Westlife and Joe 'Def Leopard' Elliott were singing away like goodo upstairs. This new music combo was dubbed Def Life by pianist Paul Harrington. A truely riotous night. On a different note, Karla Elliott (or Rhamdanie), Joe's ex-wife, has split from her current beau, Ray Senior.

That's all the news in Dublin.....coming up we have a mad hatters party in Lillies tomorrow evening. And of course who could forget U2 in Slane over the weekend.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001 holiday weekends - they don't seem to have the same excitment as they used to. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night spent in Lillies - nothing much new there. but somebody did say that Texas and the Stereophonics were in. But I wouldn't recognise them so I'm afraid I can't confirm (although I spoke with Ashley Breslin the next day and she informed me that Stereophonics were not). Sunday I went to Cavan and returned on Monday evening.

Horse Show Ball fever has gripped the city and everyone (or anyone worth talking about) is going. Stay tuned for gossip. And hey, if you are in dublin over the weekend why not come to the ball.....a few tickets still available - mail me.

Another Absolut Vodka (umm) party to look forward to, as they launch their Absolut Collection of Art in the Rubicon Gallery next Tuesday night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Well...back into the loop I didn't go. Stayed outta the loop all weekend but can rest assured that I missed nothing - it pays to have reliable sources.

Beautiful hot sunny day here in Dublin and am off to a BBQ hosted by those lovely people at Coors Lite.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

It's been a busy working week and therefore not much socialising was done......very unlike me I know, but I do have my priorities in the right place! Ventured down to the swanky new Clarion Hotel in the IFSC for the Absolut Mandarin night. Sushi, Absolut Vodka cocktails and massages amongst other things (oi!) made for a most relaxing evening - or was that just the sight of such luminaries as designers Virginia Macari and Anthony Brennan, Koo Donnelly (sans Gav L-M), Karla Elliott (sans Ray), Justin Manville and Cocoon owner John Foley.

Plans for this years Horse Show Ball are coming together nicely and we are on target for a spectactular event. Nothing else to report but the weekend is nearly upon so back into the loop and stay tuned for future news.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Had what has to be the most relaxing weekend I've experienced in a long time. Went out on Friday night - Lillies - few drinks, home early. Saturday, just did a bit of shopping (bought new denim jacket after other, kinda new one, received an unwanted cigarette burn).

Sunday saw me in that lush eaterie that is Bang, having dinner with none other than sexy sonstress Naimee Coleman, who I met recently at the NOTW-Spirit People of Ireland Awards in the Conrad. Naimees' new single is out soon and I'm sure will be a massive hit.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

So the hightlight of the weekend was Emma Devlin's indulgent party on Saturday night. Waaaayy too much alcohol Ms. Devlin - but those shots were delishious! It's not surprising then that I spent the best part of Sunday in bed nursing my hangover and was unable to attend the charity Boules event in the Radisson.

Off to see the talented Mr. David Gray tonight in Marley Park.
Check out my latest review for High Heels and Low Lifes on

Friday, July 13, 2001

Friday is casual day in my office. To me that means jeans or whatever 'casual' means to you. There are no rules per se.
I don't think it allows for sandals without socks. Please put them away and wear shoes/boots/runners like everyone else. I don't want to see your pasty white hairy toes. This is not a beach.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

God the weeks just seem to fly by! It only seems like a day ago since I last updated but its been a week.
So whats been happening? Well, I didn't go to Robbie in the end. The story was pulled on Saturday as Sharon Corr was getting married on Sunday and that was the headline story - making Robbie old news by Tuesday.

The Brainwave Polo Challange was a tremendous sucess on Sunday and the Tattinger champagne flowed freely.

25 years ago my friend Elaine was born, so on Monday we traipsed down to Sosume and celebrated in style - other attendees included Emma Devlin (who will be hosting her own party this Saturday down in the 'Batter!), Cathriona Maguire and Siobhan Flood among others - you know who you are.

And so last night I didn't manage to win the Man of Style Awards. After a very drunken day in the luxurious Merrion Hotel, courtesy of Louis Latour - I was in bed by 11.30 - but only because I was too drunk to go elsewhere. Congrats to Gerome O'Driscoll who is the most stylish man in Ireland.

Friday, July 06, 2001

It's the weekend....It's time to party, so get up, c'mon move your body!

Tomorrow I'm off to see Robbie Williams in concert, check out the report in on Monday.

Sunday will be much more civilised with the Brainwave Polo Day on in Pheonix Park.....more champagne darling?

Thursday, July 05, 2001

WARNING....Lara Croft has hit Dublin! Tomb Raider has finally hit our screens. Cars, gadgets, explosions, plenty of ass kickin' and, of course Angelina, are the ingredients of this movie. Its entertaining, but don't expect too much in the line intelligence or you'll be disappointed. As one person remarked 'you'd love it....if you were 10'.

So on to the post party in Sosume, Dublin's latest 'trendy' bar (like we need another one). Who was there.....? Keith ex-Boyzone, Linda Martin and Karla Elliott was as celebrity as it got. Oh well, this is Dublin afterall!

Went to the media screening of High Heels and Low Lifes this morning. Starring Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack, it is very funny and worth seeing. Released here on the 20th.

Thanks to this kind girl for de-adding my blog. I'll be in touch!

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

The weather is humid and wet here at the moment....not a nice combination. Went to the Olympia Theatre on Sunday night to see the talented Vonda Sheppard, star of Ally McBeal. Singing to a packed audience she really was on top form.

Dinner last night in Barracuda, the new bar and restaurant in Bray....which was OK.

Off to the Premiere of Tomb Raider. I feel as if I personally know Lara Croft these days, such is the amount of publicity she has generated of late. Now, where's my brolly!

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

OK, where will I start? Thursday I suppose is as god a place as any......and the new Tomato Club on Harcourt Street was the place to be. Spotted at the launch party were Daniela McGee (whose family own the Harcourt Hotel), the devine Kiernan twins Susan and Nicola, G L-M et al. Lillies afterward (as was the case for 5 successive nights - I really must find a new hang out club).

As I mentiones below I was in Creamfields on Saturday. But not before my mobile was stolen. Gather round.....I was walking down Nassau Street at 1.30 pm, chatting to a friend on the mobile. Suddenly a guy grabs it out of my hand from behind and sprints off through the carpark in the Setanta Centre. I give chase (although what I would have done had I caught him I don't know). Past Renards, through the tunnell, past New Ireland (Hi Claire!), up Dawson Street and finally through Royal Hibernian Way, where i lost him in the crowd. Bit of a shock....but I won't be flaunting my mobile in public again and thats for sure.

Down to cocoon on Sunday night to bid farewell to Sophia from Chanel who is going back to Sewden. Onto to AKA and finally Lillies. Bumped into my very tanned friend Vicky who had just returned from Majorca. Her shock announcement that she is leaving good old Dublin this week to return to Majorca was enough to make me choke on my pint. I'll miss her.

At a Horse Show Ball committee meeting last night Jason O'Callaghan swans in armed with the current issue of WHO - hot of the press no less. And my picture is in it!!

And today is to RTE tonight for a recording of the Fame Game. My friend Caroline Morohan (TV presenter of the FG) is joining us for drinks back at my apartment later. Now where did i put the Solpadine?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

In Lillies on Friday night with friends....didn't venture out till 1.30am and was home by 4am - but it felt like a really long night. Upstairs in the Platinum VIP lounge was none other than Eddie Irvine, enjoying a good old singsong with cronies, including John Foley of Cocoon and Garreth Gunigle of 98fm. Happy Birthday to Wendy too!

Friday, June 15, 2001

Ventured down to tres swanky (and U2 owned) Clarance hotel in the pouring rain to attend the launch of the Blue Eriu new Therepy room. The list of available pamperings is amazing. Prices are a bit amazing too! Anyway, its nice to see the most exclusive beauty emporium in Dublin making an effort to reinvent itself. Champagne a go go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Well last night saw the biggest and most important launch in Dublin this year. The one that everyone has been talking about. WHO Magazine is out now!
Among those in Spy enjoying the sea breezes last night were Liz Bonin, Karla Elliott (and her new beau Ray), Carloine Morohan (watch that space!), Brendan Courtney, Louis Walsh and sundry other movers and shakers. As my friend Suzanne commented 'it's like Lillies, only it's day time'.

Monday, June 11, 2001

You last heard from me on the 6th. Unfortunately I missed the TV thing on that Wednesday night, and for a change it wasn't my fault. Taxi was late - too late. I did however make it to the launch of Creamfields 2001 on Thursday night. If you are into dance music and everything that goes with it, then you'll enjoy the Creamfields festival, on Saturday June 23rd.

Lillies on Saturday night was pretty uneventful. My friend Jason did tell me that my review for Pearl Harbor made its way to which was nice to hear. Apparently they made a big thing out of it as it was one of very few positive reviews in the US. Film critics eh? They just don't know a good thing when they see it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Made it to Galway on Sunday....just about! Missed 2 trains and 3 buses and eventually left Dublin at 5pm - arriving in Galway at 8pm....good going. (On a side note: I always manage to miss scheduled modes of it just me?).

Galway was great craic as ever. Didn't manage to see any of the Heineken GEF acts but went clubbing in Cuba* instead. I really wanted to see MJ Cole though.
Returned to Dublin on Monday evening and went along to the Trendsetter Hair Style Awards 2001. A fantastic event, seeing as it was done on a shoe string budget. On to Spy and Lillies later. Needless to say I was extremely hungover on Tuesday.

Off to the first recording of The Fame Game in RTE tonight (think MTV Fanatic).

Friday, June 01, 2001

OK eventually got moving into the new place. It's fancy.
Have cancelled Galway on Saturday night 'cause I can't find anywhere to stay but hope to make it down on Sunday. Nothing else to report except that I am ......completely exhausted. Its true what they say about moving house - it is very stressful.....zzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Jeez the week is nearly over already. Time really does fly when your'e having fun. I finally get to move into the new pad this evening - but I'm also supposed to be going to the Pearl Harbor Premiere here in Dublin too. I wish I could juggle.

Tuesday eve saw me in Q Bar for the launch of the new Coors Light promotion - Silver Rush. Hmm Coors Light! The gimmick of the evening was that 3 lucky people were drawn and then had to pick their way through large blocks of ice in order to retrieve the bottles of Coors inside. The winner got an all expenses trip to Colarado for two. Lucky bitch. No seriously, have a good time Sinead!

Then it was on to Cocoon for the launch of The Galway Race Ball. I even got to heckle Ray D'Arcy who I'm no fan of. Okay so it was a mild heckle and I was a bit drunk. Up yours Raymond!!

Its not often that you get invited to an awards ceremony with dinner. And the Taoiseachs presence. (The Taoiseach for all you non-Irish readers, is the Prime Minister of Ireland - Bertie Ahern). The Conrad Hotel was the venue for the Spirit of Ireland Awards, which was attended by such luminaries as Marty Whelan, Brendan Courtney, Larry Gogan and the wonderful Naimee Coleman. Congrats to the winner Maureen Forrester.

Unfortunately tonight’s premiere will not be as star studded, as the Pearl Harbor cast are unable to attend. Shame on you guys - and I even gave you 5/5 in my review.

Monday, May 28, 2001

After an exhaustive weekend (I find relaxing at the family home can be exhaustive - don't you?), I'm back at work and fading rapidly. Usually I get back to Dublin on Sunday night but decided to come back this morning so was up at 6.30 for the drive...zzzzzz.

Have to move into the new place tonight - and I'm looking forward to it - the new apartment that is, not the move.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Was out on Wednesday evening, hopping from pub to pub (as we Dubliners do), when I realised that I'd lost my wallet. Isn't it lovely to always have something to get upset over! Needless to say I was penniless so I sulked off home early. Today is Friday and still no sign of it. Oh well.

Re. the big move - it isn't happening till Monday so at least I can enjoy a hassle free weekend.

Oh and I met some people from S Club 7 last night in Lillies. (Bradley, Hannah & Jo)

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

I went to a screening of Pearl Harbor yesterday morning. What an amazing movie, a grippingly emotional epic. Will definitley be the film of the Summer and don't be surprised if it wins best picture at the Acadamey Awards. Go see.

So anyway I got a txt message from my flatmate yesterday asking me to give him a call. I don't like cryptic messages. It turns out that we have to move out of our apartment ASAP. Luckily we have a new swish place lined up but it is hassle I really didn't need. Big move on Sunday.

Thankfully Dublin is in the middle of a heat wave. Lovely.

Monday, May 21, 2001

Well I escaped the dinner on Friday night with an elaborate excuse.....went to Viva, then Lillies instead. Then on to Anabels. Was a good boy and in bed by 3.30am.

Met up with my brother Karl on Saturday evening and saw the SkyFest. Apparently it was the largest ever firework display in the country with over 18 tonnes of fireworks. Went up to the Guinness Storehouse later for an after party. Karl had never been up to the Gravity Bar and was pretty amazed by it [The Gravity Bar is the highest bar in Dublin and has 360degree views of the city - it is amazing - the Guinness is good too]. Off to Lillies after till the small hours.

Joy to the world....the sun is back!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Well what a social whirl last week was. Dublin is the place where everything happens at once and then suddenly nothing happens. It went something like....

Tuesday 8th - Horse Show Ball* Committee meeting with dinner afterwards in Milano and then drinks in Cocoon till the small hours.

Wednesday - Launch party of the Bailey's Blind Date Ball, in the B-Bar of Anabels . The Ball is in aid of Women's Aid and is being held in The Burlington on the 16th of June.
After that launch was the launch of the Guinness sponsored Witnness festival. Held in the amazing round room of the Mansion House it was an original event, with the venue decorated like an outdoor concert - complete with tents and portaloos!

Thursday - Out with my Wanderlust partner Aishling. Drinking binge and on to Lillies till 3am. (What the hell is Wanderlust I hear you cry? Well its an internet travelling blind date type show that I appeared on a few months ago. Had a fantastic time....check out Zagreb on the site for thats where we went).

Friday - Oh my poor head.....but alas I had to go to the Trinity Ball with 6,000-odd revellers. Unique is the word that springs to mind.

Friday, May 04, 2001

Well tonight is the start of The Heineken Green Energy Festival here in Dublin. Basically its a music weekend. Tonight I get to interview The Manics; Saturday night its St Germain and then on Sunday its Travis. It seems i was destined to be a celebrity interviewer....

The interview with Fran Healy from Travis went very well too.