Monday, August 27, 2001

Friday night was business as usual and I didn't get to leave Lillies till nearly 6am. I had intended to venture to Slane Castle early on Saturday but didn't leave Dublin till about 4pm. Missed all the support acts and was involved in the photographer scrum when U2 finally came on stage at 8.30.

Wandering the VIP area were Samantha Mumba, Eddie Irvine, Mo Mowlam, Bertie Ahern and Woody Harelson among others. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

It was very strange to see Lillies in daylight - as if I got locked in and left behind. But if that happened I'd help myself to the bar, natch.
Anyway, down to Lillies last evening for the launch of The Mad Hatter, a new hat/accessorie venture by Nessa Cronin, located on St. Stephens Street. The girlies were out in force and included Nicola Hayes, Nadine Wai-O'Flynn, Sarah Kavanagh, Etain Boyd and my fav TV gal, Caroline Morahan. A few boys were there too, so I didn't feel too out of place with Jason O'Callaghan, Richard Lue and Stephen Byrne. As night fell I felt more at home as Paul Harrington tinkled the ivories and the delish wine set in.

And on the subject of wine, thank you to Gilbeys. I received your lovely pressie this morning!

Monday, August 20, 2001

Charidee work is very time consuming - but well worth the effort.
The Horse Show Ball was a resounding success. Shared my table with the wonderful TV gal-about-town, Caroline Morohan, her boyf Jordan Lee, friends Gel, Conall and Caolin. Also seated with us were Letty Fernandez, model Ruth Doyle and her friend Paula Mythen of Electric News.
Down to Anabels for a short while and on to the usual, Lillies.

As all of that was well over a week ago I can't remember what I've been up to since. I'll bring you up to last Thursday and the departure of Sarah Reid. Sarah is a cousin of Dannielle McKee and is heading back to her native San Fran. Drinks in Cocoon and more in Lillies ensured a good send off. Bon voyage Sarah.

Friday night was again spent in the Bordello. But not before a visit to the Portobello for the 21st birthday bash of ex-235 resident, Claire Halton. All the possee was out in force to help The Asp celebrate this lifetime landmark. Looking every inch the party girl in a black and white low cut number, Claire was in top form. Other revellers included Itchy & Scratchy (aka Elaine and Emma D), celebrity chefs Cathriona Maguire and Jerome Peray, Siobhan Flood and a rare appearance by Sinead McIntyre. Many others, too numerous to mention also graced the Porto nightclub, Kostellos. The new Lillies? Anyway, back in the V VIP bar of said establishment, Brian Westlife and Joe 'Def Leopard' Elliott were singing away like goodo upstairs. This new music combo was dubbed Def Life by pianist Paul Harrington. A truely riotous night. On a different note, Karla Elliott (or Rhamdanie), Joe's ex-wife, has split from her current beau, Ray Senior.

That's all the news in Dublin.....coming up we have a mad hatters party in Lillies tomorrow evening. And of course who could forget U2 in Slane over the weekend.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001 holiday weekends - they don't seem to have the same excitment as they used to. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night spent in Lillies - nothing much new there. but somebody did say that Texas and the Stereophonics were in. But I wouldn't recognise them so I'm afraid I can't confirm (although I spoke with Ashley Breslin the next day and she informed me that Stereophonics were not). Sunday I went to Cavan and returned on Monday evening.

Horse Show Ball fever has gripped the city and everyone (or anyone worth talking about) is going. Stay tuned for gossip. And hey, if you are in dublin over the weekend why not come to the ball.....a few tickets still available - mail me.

Another Absolut Vodka (umm) party to look forward to, as they launch their Absolut Collection of Art in the Rubicon Gallery next Tuesday night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Well...back into the loop I didn't go. Stayed outta the loop all weekend but can rest assured that I missed nothing - it pays to have reliable sources.

Beautiful hot sunny day here in Dublin and am off to a BBQ hosted by those lovely people at Coors Lite.