Wednesday, June 27, 2001

OK, where will I start? Thursday I suppose is as god a place as any......and the new Tomato Club on Harcourt Street was the place to be. Spotted at the launch party were Daniela McGee (whose family own the Harcourt Hotel), the devine Kiernan twins Susan and Nicola, G L-M et al. Lillies afterward (as was the case for 5 successive nights - I really must find a new hang out club).

As I mentiones below I was in Creamfields on Saturday. But not before my mobile was stolen. Gather round.....I was walking down Nassau Street at 1.30 pm, chatting to a friend on the mobile. Suddenly a guy grabs it out of my hand from behind and sprints off through the carpark in the Setanta Centre. I give chase (although what I would have done had I caught him I don't know). Past Renards, through the tunnell, past New Ireland (Hi Claire!), up Dawson Street and finally through Royal Hibernian Way, where i lost him in the crowd. Bit of a shock....but I won't be flaunting my mobile in public again and thats for sure.

Down to cocoon on Sunday night to bid farewell to Sophia from Chanel who is going back to Sewden. Onto to AKA and finally Lillies. Bumped into my very tanned friend Vicky who had just returned from Majorca. Her shock announcement that she is leaving good old Dublin this week to return to Majorca was enough to make me choke on my pint. I'll miss her.

At a Horse Show Ball committee meeting last night Jason O'Callaghan swans in armed with the current issue of WHO - hot of the press no less. And my picture is in it!!

And today is to RTE tonight for a recording of the Fame Game. My friend Caroline Morohan (TV presenter of the FG) is joining us for drinks back at my apartment later. Now where did i put the Solpadine?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

In Lillies on Friday night with friends....didn't venture out till 1.30am and was home by 4am - but it felt like a really long night. Upstairs in the Platinum VIP lounge was none other than Eddie Irvine, enjoying a good old singsong with cronies, including John Foley of Cocoon and Garreth Gunigle of 98fm. Happy Birthday to Wendy too!

Friday, June 15, 2001

Ventured down to tres swanky (and U2 owned) Clarance hotel in the pouring rain to attend the launch of the Blue Eriu new Therepy room. The list of available pamperings is amazing. Prices are a bit amazing too! Anyway, its nice to see the most exclusive beauty emporium in Dublin making an effort to reinvent itself. Champagne a go go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Well last night saw the biggest and most important launch in Dublin this year. The one that everyone has been talking about. WHO Magazine is out now!
Among those in Spy enjoying the sea breezes last night were Liz Bonin, Karla Elliott (and her new beau Ray), Carloine Morohan (watch that space!), Brendan Courtney, Louis Walsh and sundry other movers and shakers. As my friend Suzanne commented 'it's like Lillies, only it's day time'.

Monday, June 11, 2001

You last heard from me on the 6th. Unfortunately I missed the TV thing on that Wednesday night, and for a change it wasn't my fault. Taxi was late - too late. I did however make it to the launch of Creamfields 2001 on Thursday night. If you are into dance music and everything that goes with it, then you'll enjoy the Creamfields festival, on Saturday June 23rd.

Lillies on Saturday night was pretty uneventful. My friend Jason did tell me that my review for Pearl Harbor made its way to which was nice to hear. Apparently they made a big thing out of it as it was one of very few positive reviews in the US. Film critics eh? They just don't know a good thing when they see it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Made it to Galway on Sunday....just about! Missed 2 trains and 3 buses and eventually left Dublin at 5pm - arriving in Galway at 8pm....good going. (On a side note: I always manage to miss scheduled modes of it just me?).

Galway was great craic as ever. Didn't manage to see any of the Heineken GEF acts but went clubbing in Cuba* instead. I really wanted to see MJ Cole though.
Returned to Dublin on Monday evening and went along to the Trendsetter Hair Style Awards 2001. A fantastic event, seeing as it was done on a shoe string budget. On to Spy and Lillies later. Needless to say I was extremely hungover on Tuesday.

Off to the first recording of The Fame Game in RTE tonight (think MTV Fanatic).

Friday, June 01, 2001

OK eventually got moving into the new place. It's fancy.
Have cancelled Galway on Saturday night 'cause I can't find anywhere to stay but hope to make it down on Sunday. Nothing else to report except that I am ......completely exhausted. Its true what they say about moving house - it is very stressful.....zzzzzzzzzz