Thursday, May 30, 2002

Last night we were present for the launch of what is truly a unique project. Situated within the West Wood gym complex, Barcode is the new breed of pub / restaurant / entertainment complex. A football themed night, what with World cup fever and all, it was hosted by that man with a fabulous face for radio, Gerry Ryan. Special guest was former Irish international John Aldridge.

It was a refreshing change not to see the same old faces and among the few we recognised were Mr. Ireland Padraig Hearns and his lovely girlfriend Melanie and East Coast FM radio presenter Bronagh Dorian.

We wish Barcode success - but can't help wonder if it's a little too big.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Have we fallen off the face of the earth? Have we drank ourselves to death? Are we suffering from the mother of all hangovers and are unable to work? Well, 2 out of 3 would be right! No updates since awful. We apologise.

So what's been happening since? Well Liz Bonin has left Ireland and is now presenting the new Channel 4 breakfast show, RI:SE. Rumouir has it that TV3's Lorraine Keane is skipping over to the UK soon too. Talking about Liz, her ex. John Ryan has been having a run of bad luck these days too. Between now and our last social fix, John launched a publication called Stars on Sunday, which was pretty much pictures of the weeks social gatherings. Light graphics for those who don't like to strain their brains (although it did have an entertaining social column by Bryan Walsh). Anyway SoS closed as has John's other publication GI (which stands for Gay Ireland). His future plans are unknown, but Hoson publications have taken over GI so relax boys.

Meanwhile our good pal Gavin Lambe-Murphy has also been on a downward spiral. His column in The Sunday Times was axed some time ago and his has recently left VIP magazine. We believe he has decided to go travelling for a while, until he decides to re-brand himself as something else. Ditto for everyones fav chef, Conrad Gallagher. He is in a bit of strife with his former business partner Vince Power and his flagship restaurant, Conrad Gallagher, now has nothing to do with him. It is now called simply 179, for those of you interested.

That is the tip of the iceberg folks. There are a few others out there with less than rosey lives (that made you feel better!), but we'll not divulge for now.

Anyhoo, we're back and hopefully for a good while. Regular updates to follow but as they say, time flys when your drunk.