Thursday, May 31, 2001

Jeez the week is nearly over already. Time really does fly when your'e having fun. I finally get to move into the new pad this evening - but I'm also supposed to be going to the Pearl Harbor Premiere here in Dublin too. I wish I could juggle.

Tuesday eve saw me in Q Bar for the launch of the new Coors Light promotion - Silver Rush. Hmm Coors Light! The gimmick of the evening was that 3 lucky people were drawn and then had to pick their way through large blocks of ice in order to retrieve the bottles of Coors inside. The winner got an all expenses trip to Colarado for two. Lucky bitch. No seriously, have a good time Sinead!

Then it was on to Cocoon for the launch of The Galway Race Ball. I even got to heckle Ray D'Arcy who I'm no fan of. Okay so it was a mild heckle and I was a bit drunk. Up yours Raymond!!

Its not often that you get invited to an awards ceremony with dinner. And the Taoiseachs presence. (The Taoiseach for all you non-Irish readers, is the Prime Minister of Ireland - Bertie Ahern). The Conrad Hotel was the venue for the Spirit of Ireland Awards, which was attended by such luminaries as Marty Whelan, Brendan Courtney, Larry Gogan and the wonderful Naimee Coleman. Congrats to the winner Maureen Forrester.

Unfortunately tonight’s premiere will not be as star studded, as the Pearl Harbor cast are unable to attend. Shame on you guys - and I even gave you 5/5 in my review.

Monday, May 28, 2001

After an exhaustive weekend (I find relaxing at the family home can be exhaustive - don't you?), I'm back at work and fading rapidly. Usually I get back to Dublin on Sunday night but decided to come back this morning so was up at 6.30 for the drive...zzzzzz.

Have to move into the new place tonight - and I'm looking forward to it - the new apartment that is, not the move.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Was out on Wednesday evening, hopping from pub to pub (as we Dubliners do), when I realised that I'd lost my wallet. Isn't it lovely to always have something to get upset over! Needless to say I was penniless so I sulked off home early. Today is Friday and still no sign of it. Oh well.

Re. the big move - it isn't happening till Monday so at least I can enjoy a hassle free weekend.

Oh and I met some people from S Club 7 last night in Lillies. (Bradley, Hannah & Jo)

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

I went to a screening of Pearl Harbor yesterday morning. What an amazing movie, a grippingly emotional epic. Will definitley be the film of the Summer and don't be surprised if it wins best picture at the Acadamey Awards. Go see.

So anyway I got a txt message from my flatmate yesterday asking me to give him a call. I don't like cryptic messages. It turns out that we have to move out of our apartment ASAP. Luckily we have a new swish place lined up but it is hassle I really didn't need. Big move on Sunday.

Thankfully Dublin is in the middle of a heat wave. Lovely.

Monday, May 21, 2001

Well I escaped the dinner on Friday night with an elaborate excuse.....went to Viva, then Lillies instead. Then on to Anabels. Was a good boy and in bed by 3.30am.

Met up with my brother Karl on Saturday evening and saw the SkyFest. Apparently it was the largest ever firework display in the country with over 18 tonnes of fireworks. Went up to the Guinness Storehouse later for an after party. Karl had never been up to the Gravity Bar and was pretty amazed by it [The Gravity Bar is the highest bar in Dublin and has 360degree views of the city - it is amazing - the Guinness is good too]. Off to Lillies after till the small hours.

Joy to the world....the sun is back!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Well what a social whirl last week was. Dublin is the place where everything happens at once and then suddenly nothing happens. It went something like....

Tuesday 8th - Horse Show Ball* Committee meeting with dinner afterwards in Milano and then drinks in Cocoon till the small hours.

Wednesday - Launch party of the Bailey's Blind Date Ball, in the B-Bar of Anabels . The Ball is in aid of Women's Aid and is being held in The Burlington on the 16th of June.
After that launch was the launch of the Guinness sponsored Witnness festival. Held in the amazing round room of the Mansion House it was an original event, with the venue decorated like an outdoor concert - complete with tents and portaloos!

Thursday - Out with my Wanderlust partner Aishling. Drinking binge and on to Lillies till 3am. (What the hell is Wanderlust I hear you cry? Well its an internet travelling blind date type show that I appeared on a few months ago. Had a fantastic time....check out Zagreb on the site for thats where we went).

Friday - Oh my poor head.....but alas I had to go to the Trinity Ball with 6,000-odd revellers. Unique is the word that springs to mind.

Friday, May 04, 2001

Well tonight is the start of The Heineken Green Energy Festival here in Dublin. Basically its a music weekend. Tonight I get to interview The Manics; Saturday night its St Germain and then on Sunday its Travis. It seems i was destined to be a celebrity interviewer....

The interview with Fran Healy from Travis went very well too.