Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face for the Race

At Club 92: 1. Mark Nagle & Rebecca Gavett; 2. Rozanna Purcell & Daniella Moyles; 3. Sarah Houlden, Emma McMullen & Sarah Fennessy. (Pix. Sasko Lazarov/Photocall)

The search has been launched to find the face of Bavaria City Racing Dublin, which takes place on the 3rd June, 2012 and will bring F1, WRC, Superbikes, Supercars and Drifters on to the streets of Dublin for a spectacular one day exhibition of the world of motorsport.

The Bavaria Models are the official hostesses of the Bavaria City Racing event and are charged with looking after the likes of Jenson Button and the rest of the stars of international motorsport.

The winner of the national model search, in association with the Irish Sun newspaper, will be named the Irish Bavaria City Racing Model for 2012, receive a modeling contract, a makeover and a car! Entry closes very soon, check out the Sun's FB page for more details.