Wednesday, February 01, 2012

F1 for Fibre

Early Birds: 1. Holly White & Alison Healy; 2. Caitlin McBride; 3. Fiona Gratzer & Melanie Morris. (Pix. Presence)

Research shows that 80% of Irish adults are not getting enough fibre in their diet and while 70% of women surveyed would like to add more fibre to their diet, it can be a struggle to find tasty and enjoyable high fibre food options.

Recognising the importance of fibre in our diet to promote a healthy digestive system, Nestlé Cereals has introduced FIBRE 1, combining high fibre and great taste! FIBRE 1 is a touch of honey on big, crunchy flakes with sliced almonds and every bowl ofthis delicious combination contains 30% of your daily fibre requirement.

A special breakfast was hosted to launch the new cereal with guest including nutrition expert Brighid McKevith, trainer Karl Henry, Caitlin McBride from VIP and health guru Dr Eva Orsmond. Nestle also conducted a breakfast survey last week. 98% of people surveyed recognised the health benefits associated with a diet rich in fibre and 52% where able to identify the correct amount of fibre that should be consumed each day.

Irish men Brian O’Driscoll and Niall Breslin proved popular choices when respondents were asked which celebrity they would most like to share a bowl of Fibre1 with but it was George Clooney who came out on top with 15% of the votes. 57% of people surveyed eat their breakfast at home with 35% of people admitting to breakfast being an anytime treat and the stunning location of the Maldives received the largest number of votes when asked where would be the number 1place to enjoy a bowl of Fibre1 cereal.