Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Getting ready to Exchange

Cocktail hour: 1.Eva Hoan and Jennifer Crowe; 2.Steve Turnbull and Caroline Connor; 3.Niamh Henry and Clare O'Grady. (Pix. Paul Sharpe)

The next big Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is nearly upon us and this year Ireland has been teamed with Thailand. In preparation for the global event Smirnoff recently hosted a cocktail masterclass with international mixologist Kenji. Guests at the evening in the Grafton Lounge were encouraged to mix up their favourite tipples and to even invent their own.

The winner on the night though was easily the Smirnoff Bangkok Collins created to celebrate the Nightlife Exchange Project and inspired by the tastes of South East Asia. For anyone who has visited Thailand, the Bangkok Collins will remind you of some of your favourite Thai places and includes traditional Thai ingredients that will makes you want to experience the Thai culture for yourself.

Tickets for SMIRNOFF Nightlife Exchange Project are now on sale exclusively through the Smirnoff Ireland facebook page, for just €10 each. Guests at the event in the CHQ Dublin this Saturday night can expect to sip on delicious drinks, enjoy the best of Thai food and dance to the hottest global entertainment and international music acts including, Australian dance sensation the Potbelleez, Fourplay DJ’s and DJ Gordo. Be there.