Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bothar lunch

One for the Road: 1. Janice Chu & Liz Doyle; 2. Annette Rocca & Louise Loughman-Byrne; 3. Ken Copeland & Tara Price. (Pix. Bryan Brophy)

Irish aid charity Bóthar hosted an Autumn Style luncheon in Harvey Nichols recently with a review of the hottest Autumn trends presented by John Schofield of Harvey Nichols UK.

All funds raised at the event will help fund a new Creamery in Zambia. For 200 Kabwe families, having their own creamery means they can aim to raise themselves out of poverty. Being able to cool and pasteurise their cow’s milk, they can transport it further, getting a better price for their product and improving their own lives and the quality of life in Kabwe.

Guests enjoyed a drinks reception in the Harvey Nicks first floor bar followed by a gourmet lunch in the restaurant, and rounded off with the specially commissioned Bóthar 'Cream of the Crop' cocktail created by the Harvey Nichols mixologist.

Bóthar’s Creamery project is a great example of Bóthar’s policy of facilitating and encouraging sustainable development, for long term, growing and widespread benefit.