Friday, February 04, 2011

Pop Now

Silver Lining: 1. Elaine Butler-Doolin & Jenny Cullen; 2. Asal Rahmani & Paris Tsoulfas; 3. Caroline Hochstrat & Sive O’Brien. (Pix. Brian McEvoy)

With a collective sigh of relief we spring into February from what felt like the longest January ever. Even the 5 weekends in Jan didn't do much to assuage the blues, though that was probably because there were also 5 Mondays to contend with. The social scene was pretty bleak too and it felt like everyone was nursing a NYE hangover for several weeks.

Spare a thought for the gossip columnists and showbiz writers, they've had a famine. Joanne Hegarty of the Mail on Sunday chose a good time to bow out and move abroad (but spare a thought her her soon-to-be-appointed successor Caitriona Gaffney of the NotW, she has a tough act to follow).

To The Shelbourne hotel, for the last hooray of the the 1st month, where a select group of THOMAS SABO fans were treated to a sneak preview of the Sterling Silver collection for spring/summer. This range is breaking into the bright and colourful world of the popular: into Pop Art, Pop culture and Pop music. This is where art meets commerce, kitsch meets couture, Rock ’n’ Roll meets comics and neon meets the classic.

Greeted with bright red cocktails and pretty bespoke cakes (inspired by the collection) were Elaine Butler-Doolin, Sive O’Brien of IMAGE and shopping expert Sinead Van Kampen. Anything to brighten up a day is always most welcome.