Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jameson Film Fest

Movie buffs: 1. Maura Tierney & Emma Donnellan; 2. Aoife Cogan & Jenny Lee Masterson; 3. Louise McDermott & Sean Munsanje. (Pix. Brian McEvoy)

The 9th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival programme has been launched much to the joy of avid film lovers. Top actresses Maura Tierney (ER, Liar Liar) and Charlene McKenna (Raw) were on hand to unveil the complete programme of events and officially open the ticket office on jdiff.com.

Guests at the launch event included Kamal Ibrahim, Sean Munsanje, new mum Alison Canavan with longtime friend AJ Celi star of E! show Married to Rock; Michael Hayes and his fiancé Ailbhe Lee, Elsa Jones and Lisa Cannon. Up-and-coming comedy magician Steve Spade entertained the crowds, as did the Jameson cocktails.

One of the major attractions in this year’s festival programme is the introduction of the Jameson Cult Film Club which offers movie fans an unforgettable screening experience of their favourite cult movies, held in locations highly relevant to the film’s theme, genre, set or storyline.

Live theatre, props and staging will transport the audience into the world of the characters and script to help create an electric atmosphere. The chosen cult classic for this year is The Usual Suspects and Kevin Spacey will be in attendance on the night for this one of a kind screening, which takes place on Monday 21 February.

Martin Sheen, Emilo Estevez and Richard Ayoade are just some of the stars that will be descending on the capital during the festival. The eleven-day event from 17 - 27 February showcases 130 films, alongside public interviews, industry workshops and movie master classes.