Thursday, February 03, 2011

In the Driving SEAT

Car’s the Star: 1. Karen Koster & Nadia Forde; 2. Lorenzo Heller; 3. Catherine Harte. (Pix. Mike Brown)

To Cork, where a big celebration was hosted for the new Finbar Galvin SEAT and Skoda dealership in Bandon. SEAT’s brand ambassador Nadia Forde was there to support her car of choice. A former Miss Universe contestant and one of Ireland’s most popular and successful models, Nadia is the proud owner of a SEAT Leon TDI.

Karen Koster of Xpose was also in attendance - she is the new ambassador for the Skoda brand and can be seen driving the new stylish Skoda Yeti SUV (Jeremy Clarkson recently proclaimed the Yeti to be the best car in the world no less).

Once seen as a second rate auto brand Skoda is now up there with the big boys; the top of the range Superb, for example, is a thing of beauty and is now the car of choice for many high ranking officials around the world. Take note incoming Taoiseach, if you want to dismiss grumblings about the Ministerial fleet of cars then replace each one with a Skoda Superb – Isreal, Czech Republic and the NI Executive already have.

MEP Brian Crowley officially opened the dealership, saying that it was great to see such a venture opening in these challenging times and congratulated the Galvin team. Maybe Brian could be convinced to plump for a Superb if he gets elected to the Aras?