Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Bull Academy

Music Wings: 1. Catherine Lowe; 2. Susan McMahon and DJ Dutchi; 3. Aisling Fitzpatrick. (Pix. Brian McEvoy)

The Red Bull Music Academy journey started in Dublin where Spencer Dock was packed with local interested producers, musicians, DJs, instrumentalists, and vocalists, at an introductory workshop for this year’s academy, which will be in New York later in the year.

Before potential applicants start to think about heading to the Big Apple however, they were given an insight into what the Academy is all about by innovative musical figures Kerri Chandler and Just Blaze on their own prospective of life in the musical fast lane.

Kerri Chandler is a vortex where tradition and innovation meet. He masters rhythm and space. Joining Kerri was legendary hip hop producer Just Blaze aka Justin Smith from Paterson, NJ. The CEO of Fort Knocks Entertainment is best known for producing hits from Jay-Z's Blueprint, Blueprint 2 and The Black Album. He also produced a number of songs on Eminem's most recent album, Recovery.

The Red Bull Music Academy is like being in dance music’s version of The Apprentice – but you can’t get fired. It’s a grueling process to even apply for a place, and of the many thousands who show an interest, only a handful gets picked.

Anyone interested in applying can download an application form from the Academy website www.redbullmusicacademy.com. Just fill it out and send it off with a selection of your tunes by April 2, 2012.