Monday, March 07, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

Spooked: 1. Kevin Jenkinson & Sally Anne; 2. Declan Flynn; 3. Ruairi Tevlin, Tom Gallagher & Steve Culleton; 4. Paul Cullen & Muriel Graham.

Wicklow Gaol and Xtra-vision hosted a spooky event for the DVD/blu ray release of Paranormal Activity 2 recently. Paul Cullen of Xtra-vision, Muriel Graham from Paramount Home Entertainment, Martina Robinson of Wicklow Gaol and were on hand to welcome guests to the exclusive advance screening in the haunted prison. Not for the faint hearted!

Guests were treated to an exclusive paranormal investigation of the haunted prison with renowned psychic Declan Flynn - followed by a terrifying excerpt from Paranromal Activity 2. Regarded by audiences as one of the scariest films ever, the chilling realism of the movie continues where its predecessor left off. To settle everyone’s nerves Veronica Timlin from Wicklow's Grand Hotel hosted an intimate dinner party at the Friar suite.

Resident psychic medium at Wicklow Gaol, Declan Flynn says the success of Paranormal Activity 2 is intrinsically linked to its connection to the spirit world “We fear the unexpected and the unknown and what we don’t fully understand we rationally try to say does not exist – which is exactly what they do in Paranormal Activity 2.”