Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Field

Field fans: 1. Daithi O Shea and Rita Talty; 2. Laura, Anne and Lainey Keane; 3. Moya Doherty and John McColgan. (Pix. James Horan / Collins)

“We’re paupers but isn’t it better to be a pauper and have a clean conscience about your debts?” How very apt.

This week saw the premiere of the latest version of John B Keane’s award-winning play, The Field. It is directed by Joe Dowling with Brian Dennehy performing the iconic role of ‘The Bull’ McCabe. The play is on at The Olympia Theatre where it premiered over 45 years ago and will run from January 13 through to 12 February. Among the guests were Karen Koster and John Maguire, Paul Brady, Darina Allen, Senator David Norris, Brenda Fricker, Colm Tobin and members of the Keane family.