Thursday, January 13, 2011

Airs of Spring

Spring forward: 1. Karen Higgins & Sonya Lennon; 2. Mariette Doran & Sive O'Brien; 3. Katie Boynder & Carley Roberts-Gunn. (Pix. Leon Farrell/Photocall)

We may still be in the throws of wintery weather and the outlook remains so but Brown Thomas had a bright disposition this week as it showcased the future spring / summer collections for 2011. Of course there’s plenty of colour in store for fans of Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and the like but the big news is that there are over 50 new labels into the store.

Among them Project D, the fashion brand established by Danii Minogue; her style cred increases year on year. Victoria Beckham has always had style credibility but her talent as a ‘designer’ will be cemented with her latest collection which closed the show. Her long black evening gown (of which there are only two in stock) was admired by all the fashionable girls in attendance, who included Off the Rails presenter Sonya Lennon, Daisy Regan of top concierge Quintessentially Ireland, Roxanne Parker and Sive O’Brien of IMAGE magazine.