Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Guinness Black is the new Black

The new Black: 1. Ruth Gardner, Sarah Conlon and Mary O'Dea; 2. Brian Bryce and James English. 
(Pix. KH)

Over 200 people celebrated the arrival of Guinness Black Lager, the latest taste sensation from Guinness, at a unique event in the Tivoli Theatre Car-Park on Francis Street, Dublin. This was no down-at-heel outdoor drink fest in a car park, no there were super cool Mongolian yurts set up for the occasion, very festival chic.

It was a very laidback atmosphere for the guests who sampled the lager which is available nationwide through off licences, and enjoyed a specially designed menu from the Sett Food Club and a music set created by David Kitt.

Taste stations included surprising food combinations designed to complement the tasting notes of Guinness Black Lager including goat cheese with toasted oaks, lamb carpaccio, quail eggs with hay and many more.

Guests were welcomed by Fergal Murray, Guinness Master Brewer and Sarah Spain, Senior Brand Manager Guinness, before enjoying the popular Dine in the Dark experience led by Tom Lynn from Sett Food Club.

Developed by the master brewers at Guinness in response to a growing desire from lager drinkers for more taste, Guinness Black Lager is brewed just like a lager with the addition of Guinness signature roasted barley. This gives it a flavour that’s quite unique from that of other lagers.