Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clodagh's Kitchen

Cooking: 1. Clodagh McKenna & Peter Gaynor; 2. Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney; 3. Mark Schwartz & Tara Fay. (Pix. Kieran Harnett)

Clodagh’s Kitchen, the top floor restaurant of Arnotts, has just had a complete makeover, following an investment of €300,000 from Capital Foods. The newly refurbished contemporary restaurant/bistro will offer seating for 80 in a warm and inviting atmosphere akin to the kitchen and dining room of Clodagh’s home, which evokes her unique chic style and personality.

Guests at the launch evening included Arnotts CEO Nigel Blow, Arnotts Chairman Mark Schwartz, Adrian Cummins, CEO, Restaurant Association of Ireland, RTE’s Brian Walsh, TV presenters Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, Peter Gaynor of Capital Foods and Clodagh’s parents Jim and Irene McKenna.

Still true to the ethos of ‘Homemade by Clodagh’ the goodness and warmth of her healthy home cooking is to the fore. Clodagh will offer seasonal and locally sourced menus with a wide variety of choice for every palette. These menus will be complimented with wine suggestions from the restaurant manager, Michael Andrews.

A combination of bespoke materials were used to create the new look and feel of the restaurant including a decorative metal and painted wood panelling throughout. The new cooking area has been redesigned and will open up to address the dining room where diners can enjoy being part of the cooking experience of Clodagh’s working kitchen.