Friday, October 12, 2012

Scoop some Art

Scoop Monkeys: 1. Sarah Rossney and Andy Sweeney; 2. Niamh Geaney and Chance Singleton. 

(Pix. Richie Stokes)

The SCOOP Art Auction takes place this coming Sunday the 14th of October, 3pm, The Ormond Wine Bar, Ormond Quay, Dublin. 95 original artworks will be sold to raise funds for the SCOOP Foundation.

Featuring over 90 original brilliant artworks, from artists such as Shane Sutton, Paul Hughes, ADW, Carol Ann Waldron, JP Rooney, Rocco Tullio, Dorje de Burgh and many more. Proceeds will go to building a new school for homeless and street children in Varanasi, India.