Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mr. Clarins

French Fancy: 1. Emma Henderson & Rosemary Mac Cabe; 2. Siobhan O'Connor; 3. Declan Leavy & Elaine Butler Doolin (Pix. Brian McEvoy)

Beauty gurus gathered together this week to welcome the man behind the Clarins beauty brand, Christian Courtin Clarins, to Dublin. The event was held in the elegant Cliff Town House, where Christian entertained the audience with stories about his father, when he created the first Clarins beauty products in the 1950’s, biodiversity and the responsible values that the brand holds.

The Clarins Group remains faithful to the values of its founder, Jacques Courtin Clarins . Today, these values are upheld by his sons and the firm continues to act as a socially-responsible company by supporting associations and forming lasting partnerships.

Not only is Clarins committed to creating luxurious skincare and cosmetics products for consumers, they have any stronger commitments through being responsible for the environment, fair trade, and making life more beautiful for future generations.

Guests were treated to French champagne and French inspired canap├ęs and amongst them were Luca Hickey, Karrie Cheung, Jacqui Murphy, Cathy O’Connor, Siobhan O’Connor and Elaine Butler Doolin.