Thursday, July 26, 2001

It's been a busy working week and therefore not much socialising was done......very unlike me I know, but I do have my priorities in the right place! Ventured down to the swanky new Clarion Hotel in the IFSC for the Absolut Mandarin night. Sushi, Absolut Vodka cocktails and massages amongst other things (oi!) made for a most relaxing evening - or was that just the sight of such luminaries as designers Virginia Macari and Anthony Brennan, Koo Donnelly (sans Gav L-M), Karla Elliott (sans Ray), Justin Manville and Cocoon owner John Foley.

Plans for this years Horse Show Ball are coming together nicely and we are on target for a spectactular event. Nothing else to report but the weekend is nearly upon so back into the loop and stay tuned for future news.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Had what has to be the most relaxing weekend I've experienced in a long time. Went out on Friday night - Lillies - few drinks, home early. Saturday, just did a bit of shopping (bought new denim jacket after other, kinda new one, received an unwanted cigarette burn).

Sunday saw me in that lush eaterie that is Bang, having dinner with none other than sexy sonstress Naimee Coleman, who I met recently at the NOTW-Spirit People of Ireland Awards in the Conrad. Naimees' new single is out soon and I'm sure will be a massive hit.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

So the hightlight of the weekend was Emma Devlin's indulgent party on Saturday night. Waaaayy too much alcohol Ms. Devlin - but those shots were delishious! It's not surprising then that I spent the best part of Sunday in bed nursing my hangover and was unable to attend the charity Boules event in the Radisson.

Off to see the talented Mr. David Gray tonight in Marley Park.
Check out my latest review for High Heels and Low Lifes on

Friday, July 13, 2001

Friday is casual day in my office. To me that means jeans or whatever 'casual' means to you. There are no rules per se.
I don't think it allows for sandals without socks. Please put them away and wear shoes/boots/runners like everyone else. I don't want to see your pasty white hairy toes. This is not a beach.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

God the weeks just seem to fly by! It only seems like a day ago since I last updated but its been a week.
So whats been happening? Well, I didn't go to Robbie in the end. The story was pulled on Saturday as Sharon Corr was getting married on Sunday and that was the headline story - making Robbie old news by Tuesday.

The Brainwave Polo Challange was a tremendous sucess on Sunday and the Tattinger champagne flowed freely.

25 years ago my friend Elaine was born, so on Monday we traipsed down to Sosume and celebrated in style - other attendees included Emma Devlin (who will be hosting her own party this Saturday down in the 'Batter!), Cathriona Maguire and Siobhan Flood among others - you know who you are.

And so last night I didn't manage to win the Man of Style Awards. After a very drunken day in the luxurious Merrion Hotel, courtesy of Louis Latour - I was in bed by 11.30 - but only because I was too drunk to go elsewhere. Congrats to Gerome O'Driscoll who is the most stylish man in Ireland.

Friday, July 06, 2001

It's the weekend....It's time to party, so get up, c'mon move your body!

Tomorrow I'm off to see Robbie Williams in concert, check out the report in on Monday.

Sunday will be much more civilised with the Brainwave Polo Day on in Pheonix Park.....more champagne darling?

Thursday, July 05, 2001

WARNING....Lara Croft has hit Dublin! Tomb Raider has finally hit our screens. Cars, gadgets, explosions, plenty of ass kickin' and, of course Angelina, are the ingredients of this movie. Its entertaining, but don't expect too much in the line intelligence or you'll be disappointed. As one person remarked 'you'd love it....if you were 10'.

So on to the post party in Sosume, Dublin's latest 'trendy' bar (like we need another one). Who was there.....? Keith ex-Boyzone, Linda Martin and Karla Elliott was as celebrity as it got. Oh well, this is Dublin afterall!

Went to the media screening of High Heels and Low Lifes this morning. Starring Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack, it is very funny and worth seeing. Released here on the 20th.

Thanks to this kind girl for de-adding my blog. I'll be in touch!

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

The weather is humid and wet here at the moment....not a nice combination. Went to the Olympia Theatre on Sunday night to see the talented Vonda Sheppard, star of Ally McBeal. Singing to a packed audience she really was on top form.

Dinner last night in Barracuda, the new bar and restaurant in Bray....which was OK.

Off to the Premiere of Tomb Raider. I feel as if I personally know Lara Croft these days, such is the amount of publicity she has generated of late. Now, where's my brolly!