Wednesday, October 31, 2001

It was a generally quiet week, starting on Thursday with, what I call, ‘a meeting of friends’ night. The early bird was down to the Clarance for cocktails with the legal fraternity, before heading off to the 98fm party in Club Anabel. Leaving shortly after, I made my way down to the Isacc Butt (where? – it’s a cavernous be-tiled pub beside the IFSC). My dear friend Siobhan Flood was off on her travels to Australia and so in fine 235 style we gave her a memorable send off. On then to Fireworks for some late night drinks with the Devlin Emma, Siobhan’s bro Eamonn and the Floody woman herself.

Needless to say I was in no fit state the next day. Fortunately I didn’t have to get out and about till the evening time when I was meeting Aisling Naughton for dinner. Excited Aisling has just landed a new job and so she was on a champagne fuelled rampage – I had to join in you understand! Anyway I’ll spare you the details – lest to say rampage we did!

Seeking solace in the country for Saturday night, I was quite refreshed come the Sabbath. Unfortunatly I was unable to make it to the races but am sure the day was a resounding success – especially that part organised by Tara O’Connor and Koo Donnolly of Intrepid.

Off to the National Concert Hall for a production of The Nutcracker by Ballet Ireland. It’s a shame that it was only on for a two performance run, as I’m sure many people would have loved to see it. Rounding off the night in the Bordello of Lilly with Deborah Allen, who everyone thought was my new girlfriend!
You give the crowd a new face and the gossip goes into overdrive!

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The weekend got off to a rip roaring start with a (very) long (mostly liquid) lunch in Bang. Present and correct were most of the Horse Show Ball Committee members - for the lunch was in honour of us. Among those knocking back the Senera were the fantastic Jane Devitt (outgoing chairperson), Sarah Kavanagh, JO'C, the delightful Koo Donnelly of Intrepid and Joan Connolly (incoming chairperson - congrats). Leaving some five and half hours later, those of us left standing retired to The Shelbourne, where I had a few with Mike Glynn, chief exec of Brainwave.

12 finally become 2 and Business Post journo Aileen Power and I sauntered down Kildare Street to Buswells for a nightcap. We had intended to make it out to bigger and better things but were in no state to do so.

Saturday night saw a much anticipated party on the Dublin social scene. My third annual outing to this event - this year in association with Bacardi (as opposed to Bubble Brothers champagne - is this the recession?). Any it was the 26th birthday of that IT Boy, Gavin Lambe - Murphy. Originally the venue was to be Blue Eriu, that bastion of hip on South William Street. However Blue Eriu has been sold to make up chain Space NK, and 6 staff members were made redundant. The new store will be taking on the name of New Blue Eriu. I hope that wasn't a secret!

So anyway, after all that digression, Gav's party was relocated to Nude on Suffolk Street. Indeed one well known attendee had expressed concern to me by confiding that she 'was not looking forward to attending a prty in a sandwich bar'. Indeed! Arriving a bit too late, and only having Bacardi and water (!) to drink - I didn't stay too long. Mingling around Nude (shall we call them nudists?) were Kate Conkey, Suzanne Devaney, Judith Giltenan, fav-tv-gal-about-town Caroline Morahan, Dara Conlon and Gill Pearson. Within the boys team were Stuart Musgrave, model Lee Bradshaw, little monkey Gareth Gunnigle and oldie David Doane.

On to Spy for a quickie with the likes of Jim Corr (back with sister-lookalike Andrea Roche) and Tony Fenton in the backround. The evening was rounded off nicely in Lillies.
As you can imagine Sunday was not a very productive day and the highlight was dinner with my friend Debs.

Last night saw the premiere of On the Nose, the latest from the stock of Irish movies. As I'd seen it already on a couple of weeks ago, i decided to join the posee in the Guinness Storehouse for the after party. My head is a little fuzzy still so I'll get back to you on who was who at a later stage.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

You'd think PR people would communicate with each other and not hold their parties on the same night. I was dashing around Dublin in the rain like a maniac trying to keep up with the events of last night. Luckily a driver was always on hand (yeh, I blagged a lift wherever I could!).

Running late, as usual, I just about made it to the premiere of Legally Blonde, the new Reece Witherspoon offering. Review coming soon to a ShowBizIreland near you. En route to Renards for the premiere afterparty, I popped into the Morrison for the launch of the newest magazine to grace Irish newsagents - Gi - or Gay Ireland. A new venture by John Ryan of VIP fame, and Melanie Morris of d'Side, I'm sure it will do well in capturing the 'pink pound'. Among the attendees quaffing champers were Samantha Mumba, Julian Benson and my companion for the evening (everyone's fav TV-gal-about-town) Caroline Morahan.

Back on track and to the pink and fluffy Legally Blonde party which consisted of yummy food (not bloody sushi for a change), cosmopolitans and manicures for the girlz. Spotted in the throng were Sonia Macari, Anna Lavery, TV3's funny weatherman Martin King and Olivia Morahan of WHO (Caroline's big sis). Poor Olivia fractured her wrist a few days ago and was putting on a good show.

Final leg of the night was to Lillies where there was a members evening, themed 'magic'. We were treated to the amazing talents and trick of Jean Michel Jaares son, Marcel, who is a wonderful magician. The Jameson cocktails flowed (didn't know you could make cocktails out of Jemmie!). Those enjoying were singer Namee Coleman, Gavin Lambe-Murphy, Dara Conlon and actor Gabriel Byrne, among others.

As the rain poured down, Caroline and I did our own disappearing act and vanished into the night. More shenanigans this weekend for sure - hope you have too - see you on Monday.

Monday, October 08, 2001

Last week was indeed a busy one. It's Monday, the start of a new one - and I'm feeling quite hungover. Despite the fact that it is 6 in the evening. Think I'll take it easy for a while.
So I was in Wagamama with my good friend Debs* on Monday and a few nice drinks in The Shelbourne after. I love eating healthy food, ala Wagamama. Makes me feel all good and healthy - even though I'm not!
Tuesday saw me at the advanced screening of American Pie 2 in UGC. Among the movie goers were the devine Suzanne Devaney (who had a wee fall earlier that day and was putting on a brave face), Anna Lavery from Disney and a smattering of girls from the fashion and beauty industry including Cathriona from Blue Eriu and Dannielle from Stila. On to the Morrison after.

More movies on Wednesday when I attended the Buena Vista International day with my movie buddy Olivia Morahan (Caroline's big sister). Saw the Princess Diaries, On the Nose and The Others. Off to Gravity at the Guinness Storehouse for delish canapes and lush champagne. (Incidently Gravity has got to be Dublin's most amazing drinking establishment - the best view of the city). And as if that wasn't enough we went on to The Sugar Club for more. Poor Olivia was worse for the wear by the time we left - luckily I was off the next day! Excellent day and night thanks to those luvvies at BVI. On Thursday we saw Serendipity with Cate Blanchett and John Cusack. Surely a Christmas hit. BTW, The Others with Nicole Kidman is not very good.

Later that evening I was in SamSara for the launch of Riley Advertising in Ireland. Patrick Ryan will no doubt do a sterling job. Among the crowd were Daniela Crawlwy of Heineken and Gareth Gunnigle of 98fm. Which reminds me, I must call my good friend Paraic Gallagher in Lite FM to see how he is getting on in his new role as chief news reporter for Dublin.

Went to Lillies on Friday night and to Cavan on Saturday. Consolation to Bernardine Galligan on the recent split of her long relationship with Gary Dunne.

And so last night was one of many going away parties for Padraig Burke who is leaving us next week to join BBC as a producer in Belfast. Paudie, PR to the masses Audra Dutton and I were rightly blotto. Wonder how they are today?